California sprouts ‘green rush’ from marijuana | Yahoo! News. I feel very strongly that any legalize-and-tax law MUST include an exemption for medical patients.Many are using cannabis because pharmaceutical solutions are either ineffective or more harmful. They would not have to pay taxes on those medications, so medicinal cannabis should not be taxed either. THAT […]

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Oaksterdamn U wants to tax marijuana without limit | Santa Cruz County Drug Policy Examiner An important perspective on the difference between the potential 2010 cannabis referendum and Tom Ammiano’s AB 390. This is exactly why laws should be written by legislators and not by laypeople.

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[In the interest of disclosure, this is a link to one of my other sites.] | Themed Domain Names For Sale: Hemp domains for politics, blogs and activism Domain names for hemp manufacturers and/or farmers Domain names for hemp retailers MMJ Domain Names For Collectives, Blogs and Web Communities There’s a very long list of […]

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L.A. pot dispensaries seek to stay in business by asking to be taxed | Los Angeles Times. Let’s do it! A cannabis tax won’t save the state but it certainly could help to alleviate this crisis. Next up: HEMP FARMING, DAMMIT! For what it’s worth, I think the discrepancy between the “$14 billion” and Kleiman’s […]

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Medical marijuana science, through the smoke – Los Angeles Times. Bottom line: From a purely medical, not political, point of view, my take is that if I had medical problems that other medications did not help and that marijuana might, I’d try it — in vaporized form. I would really like to see research performed […]

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July 21st, 2009 [General, Medicinal Cannabis ]

Need Medical Marijuana? Yep, iPhone’s Got an App For That | PC World. All they need now is an app where you hold the phone up to the smoke for 20 seconds and it identifies the strain… =)

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