Pot legalization gains momentum in California – Yahoo! News. True… but least one of those initiatives is so fundamentally flawed that it defines brownies as worth their weight in weed – thereby incurring a $50-per-ounce tax on edibles – and fails to adequately distinguish between psychoactive cannabis and hemp. I tried arguing with a campaign […]

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If Pot Prevented Cancer You Would Have Read About it, Right? | HempNews. And now for the study you haven’t heard of. Writing in the August issue of the journal Cancer Prevention Research, investigators from Rhode Island’s Brown University along with researchers at Boston University, Louisiana State University, and the University of Minnesota reported that […]

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The Tax, Regulate and Control Cannabis Act of 2010: Section 3: Definitions For purposes of this Act: a. “Cannabis” means all parts from plants of the Genus Cannabis, whether growing or not; seeds thereof; resin extracted from any part of the plant; concentrated cannabis; edible products containing cannabis; and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, […]

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The Tax, Regulate and Control Cannabis Act of 2010 (state ballot initiative) Okay, so… I’m just a lowly grad student and not a legislative analyst, but it seems to me that the definition of “Cannabis” encompasses “industrial hemp.” I don’t see any place where hemp is explicitly excluded, and the definition of Cannabis does not […]

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Robbie Gennet: On Role Models and their Bongs | Huffington Post A fantastic collection of cannabis-related quotes from American leaders and role models.

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Georgia Lawmaker Calls For Caning, Executing Marijuana Offenders | NORML Blog. Great. Next time somebody talks to this guy, ask him whether he would have preferred that Abraham Lincoln and George Washington be executed or just caned. Then again, this guy being from Georgia, we might not like his answer. Gosh… what a great American. […]

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California sprouts ‘green rush’ from marijuana | Yahoo! News. I feel very strongly that any legalize-and-tax law MUST include an exemption for medical patients.Many are using cannabis because pharmaceutical solutions are either ineffective or more harmful. They would not have to pay taxes on those medications, so medicinal cannabis should not be taxed either. THAT […]

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Oaksterdamn U wants to tax marijuana without limit | Santa Cruz County Drug Policy Examiner An important perspective on the difference between the potential 2010 cannabis referendum and Tom Ammiano’s AB 390. This is exactly why laws should be written by legislators and not by laypeople.

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Star Tribune | 3 myths about marijuana The article is great. The comments will make you want to hit people. :-/

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Is it just me, or is the FAUX News article just the tiniest bit misleading – and by the tiniest bit, I mean wholly and completely? Reading this, one would think the appeal court ruled in favor of the counties. What, do they not want people to KNOW how the court ruled?! For more accurate […]

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