Is it just me, or is the FAUX News article just the tiniest bit misleading – and by the tiniest bit, I mean wholly and completely? Reading this, one would think the appeal court ruled in favor of the counties. What, do they not want people to KNOW how the court ruled?! For more accurate […]

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Plainview Daily Herald | This sciatica is giving me the munchies. Funny, funny. My favorite segment: I have friends that think medical marijuana is a big scam, that people who aren’t really sick will use it just to get high. I tell them that’s crazy talk, that’s what Prozac is for. I’ve heard that 16 […]

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NORML Blog | CONFESSIONS OF A MEDICAL MARIJUANA PATIENT Like most Americans, I discovered marijuana as a medicine quite by accident. 60-years old, I’ve used pot for over 41 years simply because it makes me feel good. I like it. But who would have ever guessed cannabis was actually helping me stay healthy at the […]

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MyFoxMemphis | State Weighs Medical Marijuana Use So here we have the government’s own excuse for criminalization: The government’s benefit: “This is the only place in the country that actually has the responsibility of producing marijuana for research. We have very good quality material. We can produce any quality that is needed for the research […]

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KGET TV 17 | Bakersfield pot shop raided Calls to the sheriff’s department were not immediately returned. A spokesman from the DEA said that agency was there only to assist. The spokesman said the sheriff’s department was the lead agency in the case. Right – and I’m sure it took some real arm-twisting to get […]

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The Province | Sick woman evicted for smoking pot This is where vaporizers and edibles are really crucial for patients who for various reasons cannot smoke. It is also why it is so horrific that some officials are cracking down on edibles and concentrates. (Then again, I sincerely doubt that this housing society would back […]

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News : WLUC TV6 | Medical marijuana clinic It’s a partnership between the National Hemp and Cannabis Foundation, and the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association. They teach people who qualify for the permit about the new state law and recipes for medicinal use.  For those dealing with chronic pain, they say it’s a natural alternative to […]

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Wall Street Journal Online | Oakland Council Backs a Tax on Marijuana Oakland’s City Council last week approved a 1.8% tax on medicinal marijuana sold in the city. If voters pass the proposal in a July election, Oakland would become the nation’s first city to directly tax the drug, medical-marijuana advocates say. … The owners […]

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Fresno News – | Visalia Pot Grower Gets 12 Pounds Back Daleman was recently acquitted of possessing and cultivating marijuana for sales and now he got his marijuana back. And he can’t help but enjoy the smell of it. Dude. With that much cannabis, he can’t help but smell it, period. Good for the […]

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